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CL Fabrications

Staircases & Balustrades

CL Fabrications Ltd has a great deal of experience is the fabrication and erection of interior and exterior metal staircases.

We manufacture any style of metal staircase, from the most traditional to the very ornate. We design, build and install to home users, housing developers, builders, commercial users and industrial use.

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Click here to view a gallery of our Staircases work.

Click here to view a gallery of our Balustrades work.

Having worked in the fabrication industry for over 20 years, we have a great deal of experience in manufacturing any style of metal staircase, from the most traditional, ornate iron staircase in a civic building to sleek contemporary spirals in polished or stainless steel.

We work with private homeowners, contractors, architects and designers to create beautifully fabricated staircases and balustrades that are perfect for any kind of commercial or residential property.

We also fabricate and supply your metal staircase and balustrades from your own designs.

Bespoke Design

Designed to provide you with an attractive, functional and long lasting staircase or balustrade, our fabrication service can build any style of staircase or balustrade.

Especially suited to commercial properties, such as offices, schools and hotels, our metal and iron staircases are beautifully finished and provide a great first impression to your guests, employees and customers.

All our iron, mild steel and stainless steel staircases, whether for residential, commercial or industrial use, are fabricated to meet all current fire, building and safety regulations.

Plastic Handrail Capping

Whatever style of interior or exterior iron, mild steel or stainless steel staircase or balustrade you have in mind, we can meet your fabrication needs.

We can finish your stair balustrade and wall handrail with a plastic capping from an oval section to a round section, all to form a smooth continual handrail that also meets with DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) and conforms to the new “Warm to the Touch” regulations. All this is available  with a wide choice of colours to choose from.